Frequently asked questions  

Wedding Movies


How do we describe our style?

Through our cameras we capture love. We create documentary-style wedding films that capture everything from that twinkle in your groom’s eye as you walk down the aisle, to the heartfelt vows that made even your grumpiest relative cry, to each beautifully written toast. All in an unobtrusive video approach, vital because it allows for a more intimate filming of the event.

We do not have a magic recipe. There are no equal films, there are people with unique stories.

What is the difference between the different movies ?

The "Best moments movie" and the "Teaser - Instagram" are shorter versions of your day and your engagement session. It is edited in a more cinematic style in which music and sounds help to set the scene and tell your love story. The chronological order of events can be altered to help emphasize each moment. The moments and duration of them are chosen in order of your choosing.

The "Long movie" and the "Short movie" are longer versions, where we explore each moment and where we respect the narrative and chronological order of events. A more complete and fulfilled view of your day.

Its important to do the engagement session??

More than documenting weddings, we are storytellers. We love meeting couples as they are, with the purest feelings coming to the top. With this session in addition to getting beautiful images for your movies, it still helps to be more comfortable in front of the cameras, so that everything seems more normal to you in the day. We know that it will give the films a more intimate and personal character. Its not mandatory. 

Conditions for making this engagement session? 

This engagement session are booked during weekdays or saturdays outside wedding season (may-oct)

Scheduled according to availability of our video team.

For destination weddings we can do it in the day before to the wedding

This engagement session is free of charge to our grooms (travel expenses not included) . 

What are we going to do in the session? How long does it last?

This love story is made of special moments, where bride/grooms show all their love for each other. This session is usually filmed in the late afternoon for one to two hours. But we also take into consideration what you would like to do ... so the place of this session is done wherever your dreams take you. In your house, in the forest, on a trip, at a party with friends, in Portugal or anywhere in the world. We work throughout beautiful Portugal and have been fortunate enough to shoot  various sessions in many locations throughout Europe including: Edinburgh, Paris, Barcelona, London

Do you use drone? (Aerial footage)

We have the possibility of capturing aerial footage. The capture of these images is subject to authorizations (ANAC for flight and AAN for image registration), so this service needs to be requested by us with a minimum of 12 working days in advance. Flying and capturing images is also on weather conditions. No key moments of the day are filmed, preferring to use the drone for some establishment shots (it tells the audience where -and sometimes when- the scene/events will happen - the venues for exemple).

We do not charge any extra for this images. The Drone, for us, is another tool to reach an end. But the use of the drone, as well as the images captured is at our criterion.

If you want us to film some special key moments (ceremony, guests reception or others), we can present a budget.

How many hours will you be with us?

We will be with you on the wedding day for 12 to 14 hours (consecutive / maximum). The start and end time will depend on the moments you like to see captured.

How will you be at our wedding?

We believe in a discrete video approach. But we love a good party. We will always be around and eat a nice slice of cake. And we do not say no to a little dance.

What are going to film? Will i see every moment?

We capture all the important steps of the day, according to our vision and without full / exhaustive coverage of any of the moments. 

Can we make changes to the movie?

We accept small suggestions that do not jeopardize our style and the final quality of the work. We believe that you will hire us already knowing and liking what we do and how we do it.

Can we choose the songs?

The songs are chosen based on the mood and history of the film. In addition to this, we have legal copyright issues. So, this choice is at our discretion within the scope of our portfolio. But we always ask the bride and groom to share a list of favorites on spotify or youtube to get to know each other better.

What is the deadline? What do we deliver?

Our delivery time has a maximum period of 6 months. The delivery is done digitally and afterwards we offer a unique and personalized box of surprises, containing all your films in a USB pen.

Do you charge travel and accommodation costs?

We only charge travel costs for weddings over 50klm from Aveiro (Total max 100klm). Accommodation costs will be analyzed on a case-by-case basis, but more than 150klm from Aveiro, there will be accommodation costs for the contracted team (number of nights to be defined according to the day's planning and distance)

How can we book the date?

After a meeting (via Skype or in person), we deliver a contract and after signaling the service, consider us as part of your Wedding.

How can we pay?

At the signing of the contract you must pay 30% of the total amount, plus travel and accommodation expenses if necessary.

Up to two months before the wedding, a 50% deposit will be required and the remaining 20% will be collected upon delivery of the film (s) in digital version.