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PACK 1  LONG FILM - 1200€ / 1 videographer / 3 movies

Teaser film - Instagram (1 minute) 

Best moments film  (3/4 minutes) 

Long film edition (20/25 minutes)  

14h coverage

Includes Engagement session (1) + Drone Images (2)


PACK 2 SHORT FILM - 1000€ / 1 videographer / 2 movies

Teaser film - Instagram (1 minute) 

Short film edition (10/15 minutes)  

12h coverage

Includes Drone Images (2)


(1) + (2) see conditions: "Frequently asked questions"

EXTRA (200€ each):

> Second Videographer

Second videographer for the wedding day 

> Speech's and Vows Edited (Extra films)

Whenever you want some pieces of the day completely covered / filmed, please let us know in advance (examples: speeches from friends and family, or vows). These moments will be provided as extra films that we will include in the pen.

> Raw footage, provide one hard drive with all the unedited coverage taken

Raw footage may be provided on disk or pen, provided by Makemyday. These images are provided without cuts or editing, being only slightly cleaned and arranged chronologically. An option for those who want to remember moment by moment, or use them in future editions.

> Quick fiçm edition (one month delivery)

Can not wait another day? Have your film (s) ready within a maximum of one month.

> Two extra hours of filming

EXTRA (400€):

> Extra day of work/filming (6 hours)

6 Hours of filming for events that you think are important and occur the day before or after the wedding day

> SAME DAY EDIT (3/4 minutes)

Film edited on wedding day to show to guests. The edition will only contemplate some parts of the day. The audio-visual required to show the video are the responsibility of the bride/grooms or made available by us under request and budget.

Short film edition (10/15 minutes) J&R

Long film edition (20/25 minutes) D&S

Best moments film (3/4 minutes) F&C