Wedding films

crafted with love

Through our cameras we capture love. We create documentary-style wedding films that capture everything from that twinkle in your groom’s eye as you walk down the aisle, to the heartfelt vows that made even your grumpiest relative cry, to each beautifully written toast. All in an unobtrusive video approach, vital because it allows for a more intimate filming of the event. Talk to us. 

N+J | Destination Wedding | London, UK + Monforte, Portugal

Neha and Jacob came from London to get married in Alentejo. Colours, feeling, love! That's what we found at this 2 day destination wedding. Neha's family is Hindu and Jacob's family is Catholic. So we had the privilege of joining a meeting of cultures with different ceremonies. On the first day, the Haldi (turmeric) and Mehndi (henna) ceremonies. The second day gave right to the Catholic and Hindu weddings. It was unforgettable. Besides that, a few months before we were able to film the engagement session in London. We already miss the sympathy of Neha and Jacob, that late afternoon in the Alentejo and the energy of London.

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